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Sri Venkateswara

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This is non-commercial site, and is hosted & maintained by devotees of Lord Venkateswara and  no where connected to TTD. This site is purely ment for servicing God through Internet. The material and information is collection  from various books, magazines, Films, Photos etc. are purely for devotees reference only. This is a site for the public service especially those who are in US and want to visit Tirumala to Darshan GOD. Material   provided here is not at all for any commerical purpose in any means. We are not responsible for any reservations, prayers at Tirumala.  Some of the material published here are having copyrights from the authors. They are taken  purely in the sense of servicing God. We strongly believe and respect the copyrights of the authors. We are in the  process of getting permissions. We put them here since we believe in  "MADHAVA SEVE MANAVA SEVA".